Add to your RVs Life with a Quality RV Cover

Add to your RVs Life with a Quality RV Cover

RV Covers come in all Shapes and Sizes

As you prepare your RV to hit the road for your next vacation, you want to consider how it fared through the long winter months and spring storms. You may be looking at replacing seals around windows or even an exposed AC unit. That wouldn’t be necessary with an RV cover from Metals Direct, Inc.

Our RV covers have extra tall walls and peaked roofs to provide the clearance RV’s need, but are structurally strong enough to hold up to the weight of heavy snows. Made with the highest quality metals, Metals Direct, Inc.’s RV covers won’t lean or sag like wood or aluminum structures. Kits are available for standard sized RVs, but we offer custom models, as well.

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