Durable Metal Roofing for Your Next Project

Durable Metal Roofing for Your Next Project

Add Long Lasting Value to Your Building

It’s storm season again and you can already visualize hordes of roofers accompanied by the sound of scraping shovels and the smell of tar. It seems like every year there are shingles to replace and insurance deductibles to be met. With metal roofing from Metals Direct, Inc., you can avoid most of that and you don’t even have to replace your old roof.

Available as panels or tiles, Metals Direct, Inc.’s metal roofing gives your home or business longer lasting protection than traditional roofing because it stands up better to hail, wind and ice than shingles. Our stone coated shakes give you 9 layers of protection. Metal roofing panels and tile come in a variety of colors and styles for coordination with your current architecture.

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