Keeping Your Metal Roofing in Shape Some Maintenance Tips

Metal Roofing For Your Home or Office

Renew Your Home or Office with Metal Roofing

In the past, metal roofs were used in mostly agricultural applications. Today, you can find metal roofs on arenas, churches and historical landmarks. Metal roofing is the preferred choice for architects and engineers who build with a view toward longevity. The advanced technology of modern roofing systems cannot be beat.

The 50-year rated lifespan of modern metal roofing systems outlasts the 10- to 15-year rated lifespan of traditional roofing materials. Each system consists of steel panels that are coated with a protective layer of aluminum or zinc and rust-resistant paint. Now you can have the same high quality roof with a metal roofing kit from Metals Direct, Inc. Our painted and stone-coated steel roofing products are perfect for residential and commercial applications.

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