How Does Metal Siding Stack Up Against The Competition

How Does Metal Siding Stack Up Against The Competition?

Starting at a young age, children begin to dream of what they will do when they grow up. These dreams often include what they will become, who they will marry, and where they will live. They may even dream about building a home and raising a family. When these dreams finally begin to pierce through into reality, many options and decisions arise. In the process of owning a home alone, people must decide where to live, if they want to build, or if they desire to buy a used home. Narrowed down even further, questions also arise such as the quality of the school district, or the safety of the neighborhood.

Specifically, when engaged in the process of building a home, home-builders must make decisions about what materials they will use to construct their new home. For the siding of a home, builders can choose between vinyl, fiber cement, metal, stone, or log. In residential areas, vinyl siding is most popular because it is cost effective, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. It provides superb insulation, stands strong in difficult weather, and helps save homeowners on their energy bill. Although vinyl is a great option for siding, several other options still stand and must be explored.

Regarding metal siding, aluminum and steel are the most popular materials. Both offer an advanced look to a home, but require more maintenance than other sidings. They can be painted to easily match the look of a home, but are known to fade and wear out over time. Though they protect well against pest infestations, they do not last as well as vinyl. Aluminum and steel sidings are both more cost effective than stone siding, but steel is more expensive than aluminum. Steel siding, however, offers greater strength and durability and shows less damage over the years. On another note, log siding pales in comparison to all the other materials. Although it sports the “cozy cabin in the mountainside” look, log siding often brings pest infestations, mold, poor insulation, decay, and warping. Our last siding material, fiber cement, is durable, economical, and resists damage. Its biggest downfall is its price. Over time, though, it may prove to be a cost effective product because of its sturdiness. There are obviously more than one option to choose from when selecting a siding for your home.

Metal siding is a great option for a new home. Its supreme ability to last over time explains its sudden rise to fame about fifty years ago. Its benefits include being fireproof, waterproof, resilient to pests, and long-lasting. However, because its paint is known to wear off after several years, it requires some maintenance that might exceed other sidings. When a new paint job is needed, the siding must be free of any mildew, dirt, or bird droppings that might imbalance the look. This can be done independently or professionally. When high pressure water is being used, no chemicals are needed for removal. As a result, the paint will dry looking supreme, leaving the home looking much better than before. Metal siding is a valid option for new home-builders and should definitely be on the list of considerations when deciding on which type of siding to eventually choose.

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